Guadalajara Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Allan Ceballos, M.D.

How to Get Started

It is our pleasure to help you in the process of arranging a procedure with us. Our goal is to make it very easy for you to do so.

A general diagnosis is done by email. Prices can be quickly quoted without the need for any photos.

Dr. Ceballos will review the medical history you send us on your Medical Questionnaire. From your information, he will determine the scope of your requested surgery and promptly reply with an estimate for your review.

It is usually best to send us photos of the areas you wish enhanced, so using any digital camera, please take front and side profile pictures, and send them to us at . We completely understand your privacy concerns, so body pictures can be from the neck down and with minimal clothing or wearing a bathing suit

Post-surgery recuperation will be necessary for the days following your surgery. The Guadalajara Medical Center Inn is the primary surgery recovery inn here and will coordinate lodging availability with your pre-op appointment and surgery dates.

You will find a place to request a surgery date in our medical questionnaire. When replying with your price quote, we will give you the exact amount of recovery days you will need here before being able to return home.

You may write to the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn at any time for post-surgery information, including transportation, passport, and travel information . As your plans develop, they will work with you and our office to coordinate everything, then upon their confirmation you may purchase your airline tickets.

The Guadalajara Medical Center Inn is located less than 5 minutes from our office in beautiful Guadalajara. You may reach them through email at

Your pre-op appointment may be either on the same day you arrive if you arrive early enough in the day, or the day following your arrival as you prefer. Your procedure will usually be done the day following your pre-op.

A medical checkup is necessary and you may have it done either at home or here at our hospital. We have complete facilities to do all required medical tests quickly and at a nominal cost, so either way is fine.

Your starting point is to send us a brief medical history. Dr. Ceballos or his patient coordinator will offer a price quote and answer all of your questions in detail immediately upon receiving your Medical Questionnaire. Please go here.

Thank you for choosing the Guadalajara Plastic Surgery Center in beautiful Guadalajara. You can rely on us for the finest in professional care.